Back…for now

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I’ve just rememebered that I have a wordpress blog!  So I guess I’ll be back for a bit until I get bored or find other things to do or if I don’t have anything particularly interesting to write about…a variety of reasons.  We’ll see what the next few weeks bring.


Naughty GOTY

•September 6, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I went and spent (heh) £10 more on a CoD4 GOTY edition for the 360 expecting the maps to be on the disc so that I wouldn’t have to download them, but when I opened the box, I was rudely intriduced to a slip of paper for a free download token.  Needless to say, I was a bit pissed off.  I am now even MORE pissed off because I can’t redeem my token because they’re ‘restocking’ them.  They’ve been doing this for 3 days now.  It’s partly my fault because I failed to read the smallprint of the box saying ‘this box contains a free TOKEN for DOWNLOAD’.  Now, if I stuck with my original CoD4, I could download the maps any time I wanted to, but I’m being forced to wait and it’s really annoying me.  The token system is completely flawed and I have to wonder why people even still bother with it.  It’d have been so much more practical to put them on the bloody disc like I assumed they were from the start.  Looks like I just have to keep on waiting.

Too human?

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Does anybody else ever feel a bit odd playing games like CoD4?  I enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic game.  I suppose it’s just the fact that I’m facing off against other humans, albeit they’re only graphical representations of humans, it still feels a bit eerie to me every now and then.  I actually stopped playing it for a long while because of that fact.  With the graphical developments that are being done how long will it be until we’re shooing each other in our EA gamefaces?  I personally hope that day never comes!  I’m finding myself more of a fan of cartoony-styled shooters these days like Halo 3 and TF2.  Halo 3 mostly cause it’s on the ‘box and is a lot more fast-paced.  At the end of the day, you just gotta remember, IT’S JUST A GAME!  Once that’s clarified, we can get on with it!

Castle Crashers is here!

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…and I don’t have enough microsoft points to buy it!  Which sucks!  Though, on the bright side of things, I was expecting it to be 1600MSP rather than the 1200MSP that it is.  So I only have to spend a £5 more to get this.  Though I do wish that the XBLM was more like the Playstation Network, because they have a much easier pricing system…actual currency!  They also take debit cards, by my understanding.  I’m all for the one-use cards so that people without a debit cards can buy stuff, but does it have to come in a case the size and shape of a normal xbox 360 game?  You’re not gonna be keeping the card after you’ve used it.  Although I’ve found myself doing that since I find it unbelieveably wasteful to chuck it away,  Well, hopefully, by the end of the day I’ll have Castle Crashers and that won’t matter anymore!  If anyone’s up for a game, throw down a comment and we’ll get to rescuing some princesses.  Mario’s got nothing on me.

The Uzebox

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I was just checking over one of my daily sites when I came across the latest post on the Uzebox.  The Uzebox is a homebrew games console.  This guy has sat down and made a games console which most closely resembles a NES and he’s also given out the schematics and so on for building it, so anybody can build it, as long as you can read the prints.  I am so interested in this right now that I really wish I knew more about electrics and programming because this is just so appealing.  It’s a console, that you made, with games that you made!  Call me crazy, but I want IN!

Time traveling, SNES style.

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I’ve recently, with the help of my father, set up a little media center in my toom which consists of: a 22″ oldschool flatscreen but by no means slimline with both my pc and my xbox hooked up to it.  I was looking forward to playing a game of Halo online on something bigger than a 15″ piece of crap!  But I found myself more interested in my pc.  I can now play ROMs on a nice big screen, in my bed, with a control pad as if I was actually playing the console.  Having never owned a SNES, I find this very amuzing!  I can finally play through Chrono Trigger the way it was meant to be played, and what a game it is!  I wasn’t expecting to be so into it, but there’s something about it that I really like.  One notable feature is the almost seamless battle transitions which make the game as fast-paced as RPGs can get.  It’s a shame I missed out on the SNES, but I don’t think I’d really have appreciated the games at that age, so the more simplified SEGA Megadrive(Genesis) did suffice!  When I finish the game, I’ll pop in and tell you what I think!  I’d say I’m about half-way through now…at least I hope I am since I’ve been playing it for nearly 2 days straight.  Go Sonic!

Bath and beyond

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I went to Bath this weekend to check out a friends’ new accomodation for his second year of uni. I went up there to spend some time with some friends and have a good time and ended up having that, but being completely captivated by the place. We arrive at Bath in our stuffed-to-the-limit car and my first thought, that I clearly broadcast, was ‘wow, that’s a big kerb!’. I was quickly answered back, ‘…it gets bigger’. I’m only noticing now that those words pretty much sum up my experience in Bath. As we drove further into the town, past the massive kerb, I noticed that all of the buildings I’ve seen so far are made from the same stone and it has such a foreign sort of feeling to it as if you’ve actually driven right past the place you were meant to go and into Italy somewhere. A bit later, we were walking through the town to the game shop ‘Hoyles’ for a copy of Carcassonne, which my local game store hasn’t stocked for quite a while (and I doubt it will in a long time) when we walk into a large plaza and in front of me stands a huge cathedral. It was the last thing I was expecting to see in the center of the town and I was completely taken aback by it. I’ve never felt so much like I have to stop and take a picture before, and since I wasn’t expecting to WANT to do that at any point I neglected to bring a camera at all and my camera phone definitely wouldn’t do it justice.

Though the most awe inspiring sight I saw during the trip once again snuck up on me. We were driving back from the Uni when we found ourselves on the top of a huge hill which had the most amazing view of the entire city. It felt as if I was reading it in a pop-out picture book. Everything was kind of 2d with several layers to it. The houses near us towered above like great giants while the entire city lay behind them glowing the yellowish-cream of the bricks they’re built from.

I feel I should add as well that the town is almost completely chav free. This is one of the deciding factors that I think makes Bath so great. I hope that this won’t be my one and only trip, and believe it won’t be.