Bath and beyond

I went to Bath this weekend to check out a friends’ new accomodation for his second year of uni. I went up there to spend some time with some friends and have a good time and ended up having that, but being completely captivated by the place. We arrive at Bath in our stuffed-to-the-limit car and my first thought, that I clearly broadcast, was ‘wow, that’s a big kerb!’. I was quickly answered back, ‘…it gets bigger’. I’m only noticing now that those words pretty much sum up my experience in Bath. As we drove further into the town, past the massive kerb, I noticed that all of the buildings I’ve seen so far are made from the same stone and it has such a foreign sort of feeling to it as if you’ve actually driven right past the place you were meant to go and into Italy somewhere. A bit later, we were walking through the town to the game shop ‘Hoyles’ for a copy of Carcassonne, which my local game store hasn’t stocked for quite a while (and I doubt it will in a long time) when we walk into a large plaza and in front of me stands a huge cathedral. It was the last thing I was expecting to see in the center of the town and I was completely taken aback by it. I’ve never felt so much like I have to stop and take a picture before, and since I wasn’t expecting to WANT to do that at any point I neglected to bring a camera at all and my camera phone definitely wouldn’t do it justice.

Though the most awe inspiring sight I saw during the trip once again snuck up on me. We were driving back from the Uni when we found ourselves on the top of a huge hill which had the most amazing view of the entire city. It felt as if I was reading it in a pop-out picture book. Everything was kind of 2d with several layers to it. The houses near us towered above like great giants while the entire city lay behind them glowing the yellowish-cream of the bricks they’re built from.

I feel I should add as well that the town is almost completely chav free. This is one of the deciding factors that I think makes Bath so great. I hope that this won’t be my one and only trip, and believe it won’t be.


~ by choukou on August 18, 2008.

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