Time traveling, SNES style.

I’ve recently, with the help of my father, set up a little media center in my toom which consists of: a 22″ oldschool flatscreen but by no means slimline with both my pc and my xbox hooked up to it.  I was looking forward to playing a game of Halo online on something bigger than a 15″ piece of crap!  But I found myself more interested in my pc.  I can now play ROMs on a nice big screen, in my bed, with a control pad as if I was actually playing the console.  Having never owned a SNES, I find this very amuzing!  I can finally play through Chrono Trigger the way it was meant to be played, and what a game it is!  I wasn’t expecting to be so into it, but there’s something about it that I really like.  One notable feature is the almost seamless battle transitions which make the game as fast-paced as RPGs can get.  It’s a shame I missed out on the SNES, but I don’t think I’d really have appreciated the games at that age, so the more simplified SEGA Megadrive(Genesis) did suffice!  When I finish the game, I’ll pop in and tell you what I think!  I’d say I’m about half-way through now…at least I hope I am since I’ve been playing it for nearly 2 days straight.  Go Sonic!


~ by choukou on August 26, 2008.

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