Castle Crashers is here!

…and I don’t have enough microsoft points to buy it!  Which sucks!  Though, on the bright side of things, I was expecting it to be 1600MSP rather than the 1200MSP that it is.  So I only have to spend a £5 more to get this.  Though I do wish that the XBLM was more like the Playstation Network, because they have a much easier pricing system…actual currency!  They also take debit cards, by my understanding.  I’m all for the one-use cards so that people without a debit cards can buy stuff, but does it have to come in a case the size and shape of a normal xbox 360 game?  You’re not gonna be keeping the card after you’ve used it.  Although I’ve found myself doing that since I find it unbelieveably wasteful to chuck it away,  Well, hopefully, by the end of the day I’ll have Castle Crashers and that won’t matter anymore!  If anyone’s up for a game, throw down a comment and we’ll get to rescuing some princesses.  Mario’s got nothing on me.


~ by choukou on August 27, 2008.

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